Outlook on the Desktop

Download Outlook on the Desktop
One thing I hate about Outlook is the way everything gets buried in the interface. I can’t quickly see my calendar for a given day or week and know whether I’ve already got something planned. Outlook on the Desktop helps address this problem by embedding your Microsoft Outlook Calendar on your Windows desktop. You can adjust the calendar size, placement on the desktop and level of transparency to create a highly accessible desktop view of your schedule. Pick between daily, weekly or monthly views depending on how full your calendar is. You can also switch to Outlook Inbox, Tasks, Contacts, or Notes view from the tray icon for quick access to information. The pinned calendar supports full editing for adding and updating appointments. Double-click any item on the calendar to open in Outlook. One awesome feature of this app is multiple monitor support, which means you can pin your calendar to a second montior and have your inbox open on the other screen. Most importantly this works with all versions of Outlook from 2000 SR-1 forward, so you don’t need the latest version to get the benefit. [Windows XP/Vista $0.00]