When Automated Photo Editing Attacks

I’m always wary of using the various Photoshop Elements auto-fix tools. Sometimes they work well, but when they don’t photos tend to have strange results. I’ll take the manual assisted color correction, red-eye reduction, sharpen filters, and lighting adjustment over anything the so-called Auto Smart Fix features can deliver. So far software isn’t always smart enough to know when something is already good enough. Jason Dunn proves my point with his test of the new Photoshop Elements 6 Auto Red-Eye Reduction. He tested against several album art images, which are typically already optimized and ended up putting eye shadow on Adam Sandler instead of skipping to the next unfixed image. You can see a better example of Jason’s lousy experience with Photoshop Elements 6 automated features in the Digital Media Thoughts article Photoshop Elements Auto Red-Eye Reduction Headaches.