TrakAxPC – Audio and Video Mixing

TrakAxPC is one of the first free video and music editors I’ve seen with a simple interface. Combining beat-matching and looping features of audio processing apps, with simple video editing features, you can create multimedia projects mixing photos, video clips and audio files all on the same timeline. Support for recording from camcorders and microphones means you can create original content directly in the TrakAxPC interface. Integrated CD ripping, built-in audio and video effects, and sampling capabilities compliment other core features. Optional TrakPacks are available if you needed looped audio content. Audio only projects are rendered as either WMA or WAV files. While I won’t be tossing out apps like Sony Vegas or Adobe Audition in favor of TrakAxPC, it’s definitely a great app for working with audio and video without getting overwhelmed by features. [Windows XP/Vista/7/8 $0.00]
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