TextCrawler – Batch Text String Replacement

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One of the Websites I manage has about 10,000 static HTML pages that were created several years ago before I wised up and put everything in a content management system. The pages don’t need changes very frequently, but when they do require a change, I need something that handles find and replace like a champ. TextCrawler became my new best friend while making those changes, because it saved me having to burn through hours of my own time or hire someone else to do the work for me. The software supports basic things like replacing the same chunk of text across many files, or replacing text with nothing. TextCrawler also does advanced text manipulation, including a number of regular expressions that will cut your file updating time to nothing when you leverage their power. I’m sure there must be a limit to how many files TextCrawler can search, but I can say with confidence that it can handle just under 10,000 pages like a champ. If you need to update lots of documents online or on your hard drive, TextCrawler is the best free solution I’ve ever used. [Windows 9x/2k/XP/Vista/7/8 $0.00]