How to Convert MP3 to WAV

Tony writes, “How can I convert some of my MP3s to WAV format? I have an old MP3 player that is supposed to support both MP3 and WAV files, but some of the new files I downloaded from AmazonMP3 don’t seem to work with it. How can I convert these files to WAV to see if they will work?”
Your player likely has a problem with variable bitrate MP3s, which was a common issue with several of the early MP3 players. Fortunately, AmazonMP3 doesn’t put any DRM on the files it sells, so converting them to WAV or any other format is a simple matter. The only downside is the WAV files will take up many times as much space as the MP3s, so you might not be able to fit as many files on your device.
To convert files from MP3 to WAV, start by downloading the freeware app WinFF. The app is simply to use and handles batch processing so you can convert all the files at the same time. Follow the steps below to convert MP3 files to WAV.
Converting MP3 to WAV with WinFF
1) After downloading and installing WinFF, launch the application and select the MP3 file or files you want to convert to WAV.
2) Choose the Wav for CD option from the Choose Format to Convert to… menu.
3) Pick a Destination folder to save your file(s).
4) Start Converting.
convert MP3 to WAV with WinFF
This tutorial should work for both Linux and Windows.