Avidemux – Video Editing and Encoding

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I use VirtualDub for all kinds of video processing tasks, but there are several types of MPEG files that VirtualDub is a hassle to deal with. Avidemux offers an interesting alternative to VirtualDub for processing and editing these MPEG files, along with AVI, MP4, and most other common formats. One key area I’m finding Avidemux useful is a free alternative for editing the M2T files created when capturing from HDV camcorders using HDVSplit; the combined tools offer a completely free way to go from HD camcorder to edited HD movie. Like other video editing apps, you can crop files, color correct video, separate audio and video, save out multiple formats. Like VirtualDub, Avidemux supports queuing tasks, so you can line up a bunch of edits on multiple files and walk away while they all run. Another neat feature of Avidemux is OS X and Linux support, which is something you don’t get with VirtualDub. [Windows/Linux/Mac]