Like any good college neighborhood, the Haidian area housing both Bei Da (Peking University) and TsingHua, has a bar district ready to cater to students looking for a party. Propaganda is possibly the best dance bar in the area, playing a popular mix of dance music from Europe and hip-hop from the United States. The crowd is largely foreigners and the bartenders speak reasonably good English, so if your Chinese is rusty, you’ll do okay. Like most bars in China, if you want to sit down, you need to pay for bottle service.

To get here, simply tell a cab driver you want to go to “Wu Dao Kou Jiu Ba Jie” (pronounced: woo dow coe jeeoh bah jeeuh), which is the location of Propaganda, Lush, and a couple great burger and pizza joints.

Here’s a video taken outside Propaganda with Spanish language: