Print a List of Media Library in Windows Media Player 11

“Is there a way to print a list of my songs and videos with Windows Media Player 11? I could with the old version, but can’t find any way to print my playlists in WMP11?”
There’s no feature for printing playlists built into Windows Media Player, but there is an application you can download that will do the trick. At one point I recommended a solution called Morisoft Playlist Copier to do this, sadly it is no longer available. The next best solution is to download MediaMonkey, which includes a reporting feature to generate playlists as files that you can print.

Printing a playlist in MediaMonkey is very straightforward. If you created the playlist in another application (like Windows Media Player) you will need to import the playlist first by adding it to your library.
Once you’ve got the playlist open in MediaMonkey, showing the full list of songs in the playlist, simply choose File > Create Reports and choose the type of report you want to generate. MediaMonkey outputs either HTML playlists, XML playlists, CSV or Microsoft Excel files, allowing you plaenty of options for configuring a list you can use anywhere.
Print Windows Media Playlist