What is my IP Address?

“I’m trying to find out what the IP address my ISP gives me is? I have Comcast but I can’t seem to find my IP address? Where do I find my IP address from Comcast?”
There are several ways to find out what your IP address is no matter who your ISP happens to be. If you have a router connected to your Cable or DSL modem (which you should for all kinds of security reasons), you can generally look at an information page in the router’s web interface to find out the IP address provided by your ISP. This requires logging into your router from a browser.
A faster way to access your local IP address is to simply bookmark the IP lookup page I created and use it to display your IP address for you.
I set my own this page up because I check my home IP address before I travel so that I can access my home computer using Remote Desktop. Hopefully you will find this helpful in finding your own IP address to.