CES 2008 Update

Two days into CES 2008 I’m rapidly compiling a ton of video footage and photos of new products from the show floor. Much of the show is hard to get excited about because like last year, many of the products are simply evolutions over previous offerings. One thing I’m particularly excited about is the number of digital cameras and camcorders that are designed to work under water without needing a special housing. I have some demo video of the new waterproof Sanyo Xacti shooting underwater that will be posted later in the week, along with a rundown of all the various underwater camera options.
Canon’s new high definition camcorders are particularly interesting, with the HV30 offering both feature upgrades over the HV20 as well as backward compatibility with HV20 accessories. Two new flash recording HD camcorders offer some excellent features, but still leave me leery of the AVCHD format.
If you house is a cell phone deadzone, you might be interested to check out the zBoost Cell Phone Range Extender, which is meant to eliminate dead spots in your coverage up to 2500 square feet. Alienware has an amazing new 2880×900 OLED display that will be available later in the year according to recent updates. More updates to come throughout the week.