DIY LED Digital Camera Light

DIY LED Digital Camera Light If you’re inclined to do some soldering, ProdMod has a tutorial on how to make your own LED Light that connects to the tripod mount on the bottom of your digital camera. The DIY camera light is based on the CameraBright light I featured sometime back. Building your own requires 3 AAA batteries, a plastic battery housing, a single 20-thread screw, and 3 LED lights. While slightly bigger than the CameraBright, this DIY unit has the advantage of widely available batteries, which are cheaper to replace whether you’re using rechargeable batteries or disposables. Another key advantage is a 16-hour runtime (the CameraBright units run for 4 hours). Neither of these lights is a replacement for a larger lighting rig, but as a portable solution to get more light in dimly lit environments, 2 dollars in parts looks like an excellent solution.
Make your own Digital Camera light