Connect a PC to an HDTV

How can I connect my PC to my HDTV? I know it’s possible to connect my PC to an HD screen, but I’m not sure what hardware I need to do to make it work.

I’ve covered a couple of variations on this in the past, talking about using an HDTV as a PC monitor and which connection you need to go from a PC to HDTV, but this time, I’m including a video to walk through the process.

If your computer has an HDMI out port on the video card, the connection process is easy – simply get an HDMI cable and connect the HDMI out from your computer to the HDMI in on the HDTV. For computers lacking an HDMI port, keep reading.

Virtually every HDTV on the market today includes HDMI for connecting external devices like Blu-ray players and computer. Quite a few computers do not have HDMI, so you need to make a connection from a DVI out on your PC to an HDMI in on your HDTV.

If you currently use onboard video on your PC (as in you didn’t buy the more expensive video card option when you bought the computer) in some cases, you may need a new video card. For cabling, choose between either a cable with DVI on one end and HDMI on the other, or an HDMI cable coupled with a DVI-to-HDMI adapter. Either way, read this article on how to not overpay for HDMI cables to avoid buying the wrong cable.

For the actual connection between your PC and HDTV, watch the video for more details and step-by-step instructions:

Mac users may want to check out the Mac version instead.