Remove People From Photos Automatically

There’s nothing like trying to get a scenic shot, only to have people walk through the scene as you’re taking a picture. Removing people from your photos is one of the key features of online photo site Snapmania. To make it work, you just need to remember to take at least 3 photos of of the same spot (meaning you probably need a tripod for precision). You then upload those three photos to Snapmania and some software processing will do a reasonably good job of taking everyone out of the shot. I didn’t have any photos lined up for a test like this, so I used the sample photos they include when you create your free account.
Sample people removal photos
I think if I’d chosen the right three images, rather than the left three, I would have ended up with a much cleaner result. Still this is a handy solution for making travel photos come out looking the way you want them if you have the patience to take the shots you need.
<img src="; alt="Snapmania Tourist Removal Result"
As an alternative, you may also want to review this tutorial on removing people from photos with Photoshop.