What are the Maximum Luggage Weights for China Air Travel?

“I’m packing for China and I want to know what the maximum weight requirements are for my suitcases”

The times I’ve traveled to China the maximum weights for checked luggage were similar to requirements in the U.S., which I believe are typically 70 pounds. If you happen to take flights between cities in China, things may get more complicated because they intra-China flights often have luggage requirements for far less weight (typically about 50 pounds.). If you have several flights after arriving in China, plan to pack for for the more strict airline requirements. Otherwise you may be paying a fine for your overweight bags.

One thing I did during my travels was leave luggage in storage at one hotel in Beijing while I traveled to other parts of China. I picked it up when I checked back into the hotel a week later. This had the advantage of not needing to lug extra stuff, but with the potential risk of something happening to the suitcase while I was absent. It worked out great and I’d likely do the same thing next time if it were an option.