ReminderCube – Desktop Calendar

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ReminderCube is a standard desktop calendar, including automatic reminders for upcoming events, as well as alarm scheduling for task management. Like most other calendar apps, ReminderCube shows you daily, weekly and monthly events. Unlike typical calendar apps, ReminderCube integrates a couple of handy features. You can check your GMail account from inside ReminderCube. Image browsing is built in. And an RSS reader allows you to subscribe to your latest feeds in the ReminderCube interface. There’s also a handy application launcher. For people who like to make notes in their PIM, there’s a note recording feature here too. I’m inclined to stick with Outlook or the calendar component of Thunderbird, but if you don’t have a calendar, ReminderCube offers a handy solution. [Windows 2k/XP/Vista $0.00]