Download and Convert Dailymotion Videos to MP4 for iPod

“Is there a good freeware program I can use to convert videos I download from Dailymotion for my iPod?”
Most of the same tools that work for converting downloading YouTube videos also work for Dailymotion and several other sites. Lately, I opt to use RealPlayer 11 to download from Metacafe, downloading videos from YouTube or doing a download of movies from Dailymotion, becuase it names them well and make it easy to find what I’m looking for again. For converting the FLV files from Dailymotion and most other sites, I rely on WinFF to get me there.
WinFF is great because it doesn’t care whether I download 1 or 100 files, it converts them all and I can wander off and do something else while I wait for the batch to complete. When you’re finished converting simply add the MP4 files to your iTunes library and sync your iPod to watch the movies on your iPod. Here’s how it works:
Make sure you download and install WinFF before you start.
Add the FLV video file or files from Dailymotion you want to convert with WinFF.
Choose XviD for iPod in either 4:3 or 16:9 mode, depending on whether you video is full screen or widescreen.
Select the output folder where you want to store the converted MP4 files. (The iTunes\iTunes Music\Movies folder in your Music or My Music folder is the default location where Apple puts movie downloads)
Click the Convert button to start converting your movies from FLV to MP4.
Convert FLV to MP4
Four easy steps – it’s that simple. When you’re finished converting the files, open iTunes and choose File > Add Folder to Library to add the files to your iTunes library.