California State Tax Return Free Online Filing

I live in Washington State, where there is no state income tax for people, but I know plenty of people who live in California. If you do have to file your California state taxes, you quite possbly won’t have to pay to do it – for a large section of the California population filing online is free. The full list of qualifications are listed here. If you made it past these you’re likely most of the way there:
You can use CalFile if you:
Were a California resident for the entire year.
Are filing an original tax return for 2007.
Your last name matches our records. (Generally, the last name on our records is the last name you used when you filed your most recent tax return.)
Instructions on filing provide full details about who can use the CalFile service.
Filing Status You can use any filing status you qualify for. Hopefully we’ll see more states bring this stuff online, although it may put a dent in the business of software apps like TaxCut and Turbo Tax.
Dependents You can claim up to 5 dependents.
Amount of Income Your Federal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) can be up to:
$155,416 for single and married/registered domestic partnership (RDP) filing separately taxpayers
$233,129 for head of household taxpayers
$310,837 for married/RDP filing jointly and qualifying widow(er) taxpayers