RoboForm – My Windows Vista Password Manager of Choice

I’ve been recommending AccountLogon as my favorite password manager for Windows for several years. I like the simplicity of how it works. It does one thing really well – logs you in to Web pages. At least it did one thing really well until until I switched to using Vista full time. AccountLogon is lousy on Windows Vista because it doesn’t work well with the browser. It’s been ages since the developer released an update and the performance in Vista shows.

I’ve put up with my frustrations with AccountLogon in Vista for several months. Today I finally gave up and downloaded RoboForm for the first time in a long time. I’m still not in love with RoboForm; it’s too busy. I don’t really want another toolbar in my browser, or safe notes, I just want login management across all browsers, encrypted so that I can store it on a keychain drive and use it wherever I need to. But I’m willing to suffer the extra bells and whistles in order to get something that skips my having to type in passwords. So I grudgingly admit that RoboForm is currently the best auto-login encrypted manager at the moment.
If more features is what you seek in a password manager, it’s worth noting RoboForm also:

  • Fills registration and checkout forms automatically
  • Encrypts your passwords and bypasses the clipboard
  • Generates Randomized Passwords for your
  • Backs up your passwords

  • Copies password files between computers securely
  • Synchronizes passwords between computers using GoodSync
  • Searches for keywords in your passwords, notes and Internet.
  • Syncs passwords to a Pocket PC or Palm.

Another great thing about RoboForm is that it’s free for most users. For most normal people, you’ll never hit the limit of the password management. If you’re currently using your browser to store your passwords, I highly suggest you switch to something like RoboForm, which offers much greater security.
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