MailStore Home – Consolidated Email Backup

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I have around 10 years of emails backed up, with the most recent three years of my mail still in my Outlook PST file. A large percentage of that stuff is useless, but there are times when I do open old archives and reference my mail. Having that much mail either buts into software limitations, or becomes unmanageable in a working environment, especially if you’ve changed applications over time (for example going from Outlook Express to Thunderbird). MailStore Home lets you archive all the mail you don’t need ready access to in a MIME compatible format that remains searchable with complex queries. Better yet, MailStore Home consolidates mail across multiple email clients into one handy location so it can all be searched from one common location. You never encumber your primary email client this way, because you shuffle your mail off to an archive. And you’re never bothered with re-importing a mail file you want to access later. MailStore also conserves more space by saving only one copy of an attachment, instead of storing a copy with every message where the same file appears. If you really want to open a specific message in your current mail client, you can re-import that one message instead of sifting through your entire email history. The whole thing is reasonably future proof by storing mail in as MIME compatible messages instead of a proprietary database structure like Outlook’s PST system. [Windows 2k/XP/Vista $0.00]