How to Play RMVB Files on a Mac

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“I saw your article on playing RMVB files for Windows users, but how can I play RMVB files on my Mac? QuickTime won’t play RMVB files. iTunes won’t play RMVB files. What can I do?”
The solution for playing RMVB files on a Mac is almost identical to the solution for Windows users. You need to download an additional software player that supports RMVB playback. At the moment, Macs are basically limited to one RMVB playback option – Download RealPlayer. The Mac version of RealPlayer is the only thing I’ve found that consistently plays RMVB files. In addition to playing RMVB files, the Mac RealPlayer also supports downloading videos from places like YouTube, DailyMotion, MySpace, MetaCafe and many others, which comes in handy if you want to save online videos to your hard drive and convert them for playback on your iPod later.
Download RealPlayer for Mac
Bonus Tip: If you want to play RMVB files and burn them to DVD, sign up for a free SuperPass trial. You get RealPlayer Plus as part of the trial package and you can always cancel before the end of the trial.