HDClone Free Edition – Clone Your Hard Drive

Download HDClone Free Edition
Copy the contents from one smaller hard drive to a larger one, without needing to reformat or reinstall your operating system. HDClone installs on a bootable CD, including it’s own OS, making it compatible with any desktop operating system. Once you’ve made the boot disk, simply boot into the HDClone interface, copy the contents of your old drive to the new larger drive, and when you’re finished, you can completely swap out the older drive for the new one, saving tons of time you would have spent installing new programs and hassling with copying file to the new drive. HDClone works with any IDE, ATA, or SATA drive, with copy speeds of approximately 300MB/minute. The software works with both PS/2 style keyboard and mouse combinations, as well as with USB interface devices. If you need additional copy features, there are several fee versions of HDClone as well. [Windows 9x/2k/XP/Vista $0.00]