Best Buy Swaps Out Your HD-DVD Player

UPDATED: Best Buy is offering trade-in value for all the HD-DVD players they sold you during the past holiday buying season. In addition to being able to get some trade in value at, you’ll also be getting notification of a $50 gift card for whatever you want at Best Buy. For instance, if you bought the HD-DVD player for the Xbox 360, the trade-in value is $21-24 (including the copy of King Kong), making this a total of $70+ in refunds for buying a dead format. The gift card should be coming whether you trade in your HD-DVD player or not. Reward Zone members and those who purchased an extended warranty should get the card in the mail automatically. Those who did not opt for either of those options will need to show proof of purchase (store reciept) in order to get the $50 credit.
This is hot on the heels of Circuit City quietly taking back any HD-DVD players purchased over the holiday season for a full refund.