Internet with no phone service or cable provider

Michelle writes, “My aunt wants the Internet however she doesn’t want a phone line and she doesn’t want cable. Do you know of any internet installation with this kind of setup?”
Piggybacking Internet service as DSL over a phone line or high speed cable service are the two easiest ways to have Internet access, although they aren’t the only solutions. Depending on where your aunt lives, there may be several ways for her to access the Internet without either of these more traditional Internet access solutions.
If your aunt has a cell phone, one option would be for her to add a data service plan to her existing cell phone plan. You’d need to do some research to make sure the phone she has will work for this, but essentially, in this scenario you simply connect the cell phone to the computer via either USB or Bluetooth and the computer uses the cell phone as a modem to connect to the Internet. For some phone plans, this can be a reasonable way to connect. In other cases, particularly in rural areas, this is a painfully slow way to get Internet access.
A second common option for connecting to the Internet, typically available in major metropolitan areas only, is wireless Internet service. You need a wireless card in your computer for this to work and then you have access wherever you are in the wireless Internet provider’s coverage area throughout your city.
Another option would be to get Internet via satellite service. Most of the major satellite providers offer some kind of Internet service. This is likely the most expensive of these options and may not seem attractive if you are avoiding other services like DSL and cable.