Installing Vida Grandis Eucalyptus Hardwood Flooring

One of the things we’re doing before we move into the house on Bainbridge Island is installing hardwood flooring in the bedrooms and some of the living area. I’ve had some experience installing hardwood floors about 12 years ago working for a company that specialized in gym flooring, so I’ve got thousands of square feet of experience. For the floors at the house, we opted to go with Vida Grandis Eucalyptus hardwood flooring, in part because we like the way it looks, and also because we liked that it met a number of excellent criteria for sustainable and responsible produced wood.

The flooring manufacturer is FSC certified and participates in a number of community initiatives in Argentina where the wood comes from to help with disease prevention and community sustainability, along with responsible forest management.
More home remodeling pictures to come as I remember to take them.