Ars Modding Contest and OSNN Particpation Challenge

I got sidetracked in posting details about the HP HDX Dragon giveaway starting on May 3, so here’s a double Dragon update. has a fairly complex modding contest for those interested in getting their hands on that particular Dragon. You have to create something original that’s tied to the Ars brand in order to win. Or as they put it:

Create something that involves Ars Technica. It could be an Unreal Tournmant level or skin, an Ars Technica theme for the PS3 (or the web), a house in the Sims that’s based on our forums, with a funny-looking Peter Bright of course. If you’ve ever wanted to model Jacqui Cheng’s house, complete with 50 iPods under glass, you can do so. You can use any game, and create a level, skin, or anything else your heart desires. Points will be given for originality and ties to Ars, and will be judged by a panel of experts. Namely, us.

That’s potentially hard work to complete by the May 10 deadline, but a $5k computing package is certainly worth some effort. All the details are here.
OSNN offers a challenge that’s slightly easier. You need to know some OSNN history and you need to participate in their forums. 6 questions are part 1 of the OSNN challenge. Part 2 is the participation – you need to be active in their forums, with meaningful participation between now and May 11 in order to be considered. The rules are posted here.