How can I get an HP HDX Dragon for free?

“How can I get an HP HDX Dragon for free?”

I haven’t actually received that question from any readers (yet), but I’m offering a preemptive answer here because I’m sure you’d love to find out how you could get one of these sweet machines. If you’ve been following along on my blog, I’ve posted updates on each of the participants in the 31 Days of the Dragon giveaway to date. Today’s the day I’m going to share the rules for my giveaway.

HP HDX Dragon 20-inch notebook

I’m keeping it simple, you simply need to share your opinion on the best Windows freeware in a series of categories, as well as provide a valid name and email address. A random winner shall be picked from everyone who submits valid answers to the survey. Your pick in each of the categories must be a verifiable spyware-free no-cost software application, so be sure you spell the software’s name correctly. The winner will be posted to my blog at approximately 11 pm Pacific on 2008 May 22. You are welcome to enter from any country HP is legally allowed to ship to. All fields in the survey are required.

This giveaway has ended!