Wanna Blog Full Time – Focus on Relationships not Money

I typically scan the headlines of ProBlogger about once a week to see what Darren is covering. I don’t read everything and infrequently find things that help me directly, but occasionally there’s a gem that’s worth passing along. Today there’s an interview with the founder of StrongLifts.com that everyone who dreams of blogging for a living should read. As I’ve said before, when I tell people I blog for a living, the usual comment (even from highly successful entrepreneurs) is something like, ‘you can make money doing that?’ Yes, you can make money blogging. In some cases you can make a ton of money blogging. But if you’re only focused on the money, you’ll never get there.
Mehdi, the founder of StrongLifts, hits on some key things in the interview about building a relationship with your audience. It may help that the blogs topic, strength training, requires a long term persistence to reach your desired goal, so Mehdi is already familiar with the idea of delayed gratification, but there’s good advice no matter what you blog about. So if he’s not focused on money, what is the focus?

Building experience, building a reputation and building a readership is more important in the long-term [than money].

Read the interview for the rest of Mehdi’s thoughts on blogging.