The Green Button and I Started Something Giveaways

These two giveaways get my award for best looking graphics promoting 31 Days of the Dragon, which does nothing for your chances at winning. πŸ™‚
The Green button wants to know what you want to see in the next version of The Green Button. Suggested feedback you’re free to borrow from me: tell them they need to reduce the number of clicks it takes to get the information you want on The Green Button. I love their stuff, but finding it can be a chore at times. I clicked their fancy button, then clicked contest details, then clicked contest rules to find out what I had to do to enter. Another click to enter, followed by starting a new thread in the forum. That’s too many clicks. You can start the clicking process at their great looking contest graphic or you can dramatically reduce the clicking and read the rules here.
I Started Something has the best looking contest page, all so you can enter your name and email address, which are the only two requirements for entry. You get a second entry if you happen to have Vista and you are willing to install the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program on your computer. Based on my own experiences with driver frustrations that still aren’t resolved in Vista (which is only partly Microsoft’s fault), installing the CEIP isn’t the solution – Microsoft knows what the problems are already, it’s getting hardware manufacturers up to speed in a sluggish Vista market that’s the problem. Rules of the contest are here.