31 Days of the Geek

More chances to get an HP HDX Dragon are available. First up, BleepingComputer. You can enter the BleepingComputer.com giveaway by signing up for their forums and reading the rules. I couldn’t see the rules without signing up and don’t want yet another login so you’re on your own for that one. Next we have hardwareGeeks call for a photo or video of your current workspace. When you post the photo to their contest page, you’re supposed to let them know how the HP HDX Dragon will benefit you. If you want to hack this contest, here’s my tip:
1) Dig out your old Pentium II computer from the basement or go snag a crusty computer from Craigslist.
2) Boot the computer and connect to Internet visiting hardwaregeeks.com.
3) Take photo of this pathetic setup then write about how the HP HDX Dragon will bring you current.
A variation on this hack would be to find a working TRS-80 or Commodore 64, connect to television (B&W is better than color for this), submit photo. Anyway, you get the idea – a weak system will standout amongst all the hardware tweakers who will be too proud not to show off their liquid-cooled, backlit beasts. GeekNewsCentral is the final contest I’ll announce today – Todd’s kicking things off with a read/listener/viewer survey (I just gave you a clue to one of the survey answers). 5 more chances to enter the GeekNewsCentral giveaway are coming, so check in every day to make sure you improve your shot at winning. And if you do take my advice and go with the “retro” setup for the hardwaregeeks.com giveaway, be sure to put a link in the comments here – I’d love to see it.