Taipei Airport Money Changer

Shortly after landing at 5:40 am local time, two hours after the worst one hour of turbulence I’ve ever experienced, we were safely on the ground in search of an ATM. The money changer at the airport helpfully pointed Nate and I in the right direction. A few minutes later I stopped back at the money changers with 3 crisp 1000 TWD notes (approximately $100 US) and a request to break on of them. After a quick count of ten 100’s in a money sorting tray I stepped away from the counter only to be called back again. The money changer was trying to convince me I’d given him a 500 TWD note and that he’d given me too much money. A nice way to make $500 if you can pull it off. Unfortunately for him I wasn’t that jet-lagged, yet. Later in the morning I was extremely thankful when the cab driver graciously returned my phone after it fell from my pocket on the way to the hotel.