Digital Camera Drop Protection

Scott writes, “I’ve dropped my digicam (Casio EX-V7) one too many times, and so I’m looking for some kind of “armor” to wrap the camera in to give it some protection. sells a kit for SLRs. I wonder if anyone sells something for the more common fixed-lens digicam like mine?”
In a world with what seems like thousands of different cases for the iPod, you’d think there would be more choices for protecting your digital camera from drops. As you point out, the digital SLR market has some great solutions to protect both camera bodies and SLR lenses from drops. I have yet to find anything that guarantees your camera won’t get broken if you drop it, but there are a few solutions that should improve the chances if your point-and-shoot digital camera takes a fall.
The CamLeash I wrote about earlier this year is a good starting point. It fastens to your wrist and keeps your camera from dropping when it slips from your hand.

Snug-It Digital Camera Case Snug-It cases from Delkin are one of the better choices I’ve found, if you can find one for your digital camera model. The are specifically designed to work without needing to remove the Snug-It from your camera, down to including a protective plastic screen over the LCD display on the back of the camera. Casing is made of a smooth silicone and if you happen to have a touch-screen camera, there’s a hinge to make the screen accessible. Prices on Amazon vary by camera model, while ebay pricing ranges from about $10-30 depending on the model of camera protected.
Foarm Digital Camera Case A second option with fewer model-specific options is Foarm cases. The cases are made of custom-molded impact dispersing foam, which seems like it might absorb impact slightly better than the Snug-It, while not feeling as great to hold in your hand. Foarm cases also expose camera features for the models they support, although there is no protective shield for the LCD. Buttons are recessed nicely in the design to prevent accidental pushing. Foarm cases are in the middle of the Snug-It price range at about $17 on Amazon.
The wrist strap is my favorite solution of the three, because it’s the only one that keeps the camera from slipping from your hand, but if you prefer a case, one of the two choices here should help protect your camera if it drops.