Rapid Resizer – Enlarge Designs and Patterns

I don’t have any immediate use for a pattern resizing application, but I can definitely see where Rapid Resizer might come in handy. If you’ve got a line drawing, scaled down pattern or virtually anything from the Web you might want to turn into a pattern, Rapid Resizer will make the conversion process painless. The software converts line drawings to a vector image that can be resized as needed. Images are easily scaled across several sheets of paper, so you can make a pattern that fits your needs from whatever line drawing you started with. Some common applications include: Stained glass; Wood working with a scroll saw, wood carving, intarsia, or marquetry; Fabric arts like quilting, applique, doll patterns, and rug hooking; Painting in tole, decorative, or mural applications; Stencils; Metal art. If you have a color printer, you can add color to your pattern sections to help you keep track of which pieces receive a specific color. [Windows XP/Vista $39.95]
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