Bourne Conspiracy Xbox 360 and PS3 Tips and Cheats

Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy isn’t nearly as free-form as the marketing suggests. You can’t interact with the world during hand-to-hand the way the game suggests, it decides for you. Still it’s a fairly engaging game based on the Matt Damon interpretation of Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne character. Here are walk-through strategies and cheats that should help you beat Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy:

Bourne Conspiracy Tips

Fighting bosses – When fighting boss battles wait for the boss to perform a take down, counter the take down, and then launch you attack. This is consistently the most vulnerable point for all bosses. If you block until they perform a take down, Bourne is virtually invulnerable using this method.
Car Chase – Drive through the glass window on the left when the bus blocks your way, this is one of two key components (along with the cafe) to getting the Civic Menace Acheivment. You also need to destroy a ton of environmental stuff, but without those you’ll have to do the car chase twice.
Hand-to-hand Combos – When fighting hand to hand, the easiest way to rack up bigger hits is to do 3 button patterns like X-X-Y, X-Y-X, Y-Y-X or Y-X-Y. Holding down the X or Y button gives you a bigger kick, but opponents often don’t provide time to do this.

Bourne Conspiracy Cheat Codes

The most useful cheats are the first two, the rest unlock stuff that is useful if you replay the game, but won’t help you in beating it.
ALWAYSANOBJECTIVE replaces the assault shotgun with an automatic shotgun.
WHATTHEYMAKEYOUGIVE replaces the light machine gun with a silenced light machine gun.
LASTCHANCEMARIE unlocks concept art extras.
JASONBOURNEISDEAD unlocks boss battle with Manheim. Unlocks music track extras Manheim Suite and Treadstone Appointment.
IVEMADECONTACT unlocks O’Connor boss battle.
THENTHEHEATGOESAWAY unlocks additional concept art.
WHATHAPPENEDONTHEDOCKSISMYPROBLEM unlocks Solomon boss battle and Solomon’s Wrath music extra.
OPENTHETAIL unlocks Divandelen boss battle and Divandelen’s Escape music track.
REDBAGSTOPRIGHTTHERE unlocks additional Cinematics.
DIDNTTRAINYOUTOHAILACAB unlocks Assasinate Ruik and Car Chase music.
THERESSOMEONEELSEHERE unlocks additional music and cinematics.
GETTHEHEADACHES unlocks the Professor boss battle and additional music extras.