Will Symantec kill Spyware Doctor?

The pro version of Spyware Doctor is my top recommendation for spyware defense because from what I can tell it works better than anything else. There’s a free feature limited version of the app distributed with Google Pack, which recently placed 5th in the 2008 reader survey, but that version isn’t nearly as good as the pay version. With Symantec announcing its acquisition of PC Tools (makers of Spyware Doctor), I’m left wonder what will happen to this great app.
Symantec isn’t known for buying great products and making them better. They are largely known for acquiring things like the Norton utilities and mucking them up, or simply absorbing companies into their gigantic brand, causing them to effectively disappear. Spyware Doctor successfully kicked Symantec’s and McAfee’s butts in the anti-spyware game, so it makes sense that one of the two giants would buy PC Tools out. It’s unfortunate to think a great product might get killed as a result.