HP Docking Station Offers Improved Ergonomics

I was recently hired to shoot and edit some videos for the new notebook computers in the HP fall lineup. At the time, I had no idea whether or not any of the stuff would be newsworthy or not, but there are a handful of new products that are definitely worth checking out. I got permission to post the videos to my Blip.tv account.
Prior to this gig, I had already started looking at HP as my next notebook, because they seem to be incorporating the features I want in their product line. Seeing the HP xb4 Notebook Media Docking Station featured in the video here, I’m almost ready to go with HP for my next portable computer.
The combination of an easy single connection point from any of the Pavilion notebooks, with a tray that raises the screen to eye level has me highly interested in this as a better desktop solution in places where I don’t want to have a standalone monitor connected. The docking station also has built-in speakers, a slot for a Personal Media Drive, and plenty of extra ports. This seems like a handy way to get desktop convenience, the portability of a laptop, and a clean desk all in one package.