How to Convert AVI Type-1 to AVI Type-2

“Adobe Premiere Pro 2 won’t work with the AVI files created by my screen capture programs. Premiere 6 did this. I’m told it is an AVI 1.0 vs AVI 2.0 issue. How do I convert from 1.0 to 2.0?”
The AVI container format for video can be a highly frustrating to work with because it supports many different things. AVI Type-1 files require video editing applications to use DirectShow support to handle the video and audio interleaving. AVI Type-2 files work both with applications that use video for Windows or DirectShow for handling video and audio interleave. Converting between the two AVI types is actually a fairly simple matter.
My favorite choice for converting between AVI Type-1 and AVI Type-2 is an app called DVdate. It’s primary features are centered around exposing date stamp information in video camera recordings, but it also quite handily converts AVI type-1 files to type-2 simply by opening the file and then saving it as the other AVI file type.