I’m riding to CES on the Go Go Gadget Private Jet

…or at least I’d like to be. Parnassus Group has put together a contest for bloggers to potentially ride on a private jet from Seattle to San Francisco to Las Vegas for the upcoming CES conference. Since I hate going to Las Vegas but generally feel it’s worthwhile to be at CES, arriving like a rock star in a private jet would certainly make the Vegas experience that much better. If you blog, you can enter too (read the rules), just don’t steal my seat on the jet. 😉
The jet sounds wicked awesome, complete with ClearSky Climate Solutions eco-friendly emissions. If I can score a ride on the plane, the next trick is finding someone to drive me around while I’m in Vegas so I don’t have to deal with taxi lines and inconvenient shuttle service. If I could get to the meetings I schedule without hassle, I might actually like Vegas more.