Windows Pro Photo Tools

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Windows Pro Photo Tools makes an interesting companion to Windows Live Photo Gallery. If you travel, this is a handy way to add location data to images without necessarily needing a GPS. Browsing images with Pro Photo Tools, you can add a location, automatically look up GPS coordinates for the image, store them in the file, but have the image display a human readable location entry. If you already have GPS data, the app will help you look up the location name fairly quickly. Additional EXIF and metadata include description, details about the photographer, usage rights, and a bunch of additional information. Location data of images can be used to plot your photos on a map to either create a route map, or to simply get a birds eye view of where you took photos during a trip or event. If you work with RAW images, an additional photo codec may be required for your digital camera. [Windows XP/Vista $0.00]
Windows Pro Photo Tools