Android isn’t perfect, here’s what could be better

Every phone I’ve ever owned has features I don’t like. The T-Mobile G1 running Android is no exception. Most of my current gripes are things inherent to Google’s mobile implementation of Gmail and contact functionality. Here are a handful of things I don’t like and how I think they could be better.
Gmail and Google Calendar integration are top notch, however, I found some quirks in using Outlook and Google Apps together, but I did find a workaround. My biggest gripe about Gmail on Android is you can’t quote text from an email you reply to, the entire previous message is retained. There are few times when I need to keep an entire message intact when making a response and this makes interspersing comments in an email impossible. Hopefully Google will fix this. mail is now hosted using Google Accounts. So far mail hosting is rock solid and the calendar integration is almost perfect. Attempting to sign in to Google Docs for Google Accounts has been a series of frustrations. I can sign in using a standard Google ID, but using my account gives me a bunch of error messages related to the way Google does the accounts. Not sure if this is by design or something Google needs to fix, but either way it’s frustrating.
Contact info forwarding is a fail. There’s currently no built-in solution to attach contact info from one of my contacts to a Gmail message from Android. In fact, the only thing I can attach seems to be photos. Great if I want to send photos, not so great for times when I want one person I know to call another person I know.
The Android Market desperately needs some additional apps (like Urban Spoon) and the Twitter clients fall short of what’s available for iPhone. Twidroid isn’t bad, but you can’t filter by @ replies and you have to launch a browser window to view tweets from an individual account. The alternative, Twitli, is a joke. There are some great apps, like one that uses the GPS to track mileage automatically for those that track driving for tax purposes. I’m just hoping we see more ports of iPhone apps as the market grows.
If you’re a G1 user what other quirks have you found? Or do you have workarounds for my current gripes? Either way, I’d love to hear them.