Before you buy a netbook or umpc…

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Read the free UMPC Buyer’s Guide 2008! was kind enough to compile a great PDF covering many of the common questions people have about buying small form-factor computers. Everything from the differences in mobile processors to what the various features are at different device sizes, to how battery life has evolved in the last several years is all covered here. It won’t tell you which specific model to buy, but the UMPC Buyer’s Guide 2008 will help you navigate all the jargon packed into the small form factor space. I’m still looking for the perfect solution that combines a sub-10-inch screen with a minimum of 1280×720 resolution, 12 hours of battery life, 100 GB of solid state hard disk space, and a multi-touch display, all for under $500. I know I’m dreaming for now, but it can’t be far off. Additional details available
Download the UMPC Buyer’s Guide 2008