3 New iPod Touch 2G Shields by Agent 18

Protection specialist Agent 18 has released their case line for the iPod touch 2G.
The EcoShield is great for us environmentally conscious types. It’s made of a scratch resistant hard-plastic derived from recycled plastic bottles. Even the packaging is made from recycled materials. It comes with silicone pads to protect the inside.
The ClearShield offers protection without covering up the sleek shine of your iPod. This one has rubber pads on the inside.
And lastly, there’s the FlowerVest featuring a flower design that appeals to the hippy in all of us. It’s a lighter form of protection made of a silicone, bounce back case.
All cases leave all connectors and screens accessible and come in multiple colors. Except the ClearShield of course; it’s clear. The Agent 18 cases are all available for $24.95.