Xlink BT Cellular Bluetooth Gateway

More and more people are cutting off their landlines and going strictly cellular. While being rid of a costly bill, having your cell phone as your sole means of communication can get annoying after a while. After having it in your pocket on vibrate all day, you get home and forget to turn the ringer back on making you miss calls. If you can hear it ring however, you have to run around your house looking for it. And sometimes it doesn’t work in certain rooms of the house.
Enter the Xlink BT. This magic little box hooks up to your house phone (that does not require landline service) and up to 3 bluetooth cell phones, allowing you to receive and make calls on your house phone through your cell phone. You leave your cell phone within range of the Xlink and your calls will be heard throughout your house via your house phone. No more missed calls or dead zones. And each cell phone has a different ring tone so you can tell who the call is for.
Stop hunting down your cell phone at home. The Xline BT is available for $79.99.