How to Convert AVI and MPEG Videos to VOB with Freeware

Billy writes, “Can you please point me to freeware that converts avi and mpeg videos to .vob so I can play them on my DVD player attached to my TV?”
I previously wrote about DVD making freeware back in September and further back in 2007 when I recommended a number of freeware DVD burning utilities. The same solutions still work great.
The solution I find to be the most reliable is to use SoThink Movie DVD Maker to convert your AVI or MPEG file to a DVD complaint VOB. After you create the files, use ImgBurn to burn your video to DVD for free. SoThink should work for burning the DVDs, but I’ve found it makes coasters about 50% of the time in my own testing, so rather than waste a bunch of blank disks, I use two applications instead.