Disney PhotoPass – Disney Memory Marketing

A post over on Techmamas (one of the blogs participating in the HP Magic Giveaway) reminded me that we acquired one of Disney’s PhotoPass cards while visiting the Magic Kingdom during Thanksgiving. It’s a truly smart idea, associating all the photos taken by photographers throughout the park with a single card so that you can go online after your trip and order prints or stuff printed with your Disney trip photos on them. The hired photographers don’t take any better pictures than what we got with various family cameras during the trip, but they include a way to upload your photos into their system, so you can customize a Disney PhotoPass printable item without even using their photos.
I might be tempted to use the Disney PhotoPass service, but getting any photos back out of the Disney PhotoPass system is a bit pricey, especially considering my photos are as good or better than the ones they took. Just getting downloads starts at $14.95. A PhotoMug sets you back $19.95. At least the snow globe email card is free. Or maybe the point is I’m supposed to spend money on stuff with my kid’s face on it no matter what the price?