iPump 20 Fitness Programs for iPhone and iPod Touch

The iPump 20 is a series of 20 workout trainer programs that you can download on your iPhone or iPod Touch and take with you anywhere. From cardio, to yoga, to snow boarding, to lower back relief, there’s something for everyone here and it’s just in time for our favorite New Year’s resolution.
With each Trainer you get 3 components: Workout, Log and Inspire. Workout is, of course, the actual workout session for the fitness goal. Log tracks sets, reps, and weight, allowing you to keep track of your progress. And finally, Inspire allows you to send inspirational messages to friends and family. You can also send your progress logs to your medical professional of choice.
Being able to take your workout with you wherever you go seems like a great idea that leaves little excuse to not get in shape. However, I do have one concern. The screen is too small. I mean, it’s a great size when you can hold it up and just watch, but some people, like me, like to workout with the video. And when you’re moving around or on the floor, I foresee seeing problems. You could, of course, just watch the video until you have the moves memorized then just workout with the audio to help you along. Problem solved!
The iPump 20 Trainer series are available from the iTunes App store or from PumpOne with prices ranging from Free – $2.99.