Burn a DVD from Windows 7 .ISO Download

“How can I install Windows 7 from the .iso download from Microsoft?”
The Windows 7 .ISO file is basically a DVD in the format of a file on your hard drive. If you downloaded the Windows 7 .ISO, you need to burn it to DVD before you can install it on your computer. Once you have the DVD, you can simply boot from your newly created Windows 7 disk and follow the steps for the installation.
Burn a ISO to DVD
One of my favorite ISO burning solutions is ImgBurn. It’s free and keeps things simple. After installing ImgBurn, simply choose the option to Write image file to disc. Browse to the location of the Windows 7 .ISO file on your hard drive. With your blank DVD in your DVD burner, burn Windows 7 to the DVD.
burn Windows 7 to DVD
Install Windows 7
Once you have a DVD burned, simply reboot your computer, boot from the DVD and follow the instructions to install Windows 7.