No Signal Input Connecting HDTV to PC

“I have a computer with an Nvidia GeForce 7600GT video card. It has two DVI connections. I have a Maxent HDTV that also has a DVI in connection. To use the Maxent as my monitor I plugged the DVI cable into my video card and then into the back of the TV. I change the input to DVI and all I get is a blue screen that says “no signal input”. What could I be missing?”
When you connect your PC to your HDTV, there may be configuration changes required in the settings for your video card. Typically the “no signal input” message means one of three common things.
Troubleshooting No Input Signal
No Input Signal
1) The first thing to verify is that your video card is actually sending any signal to the HDTV. If you have another display connected to the other DVI port on your video card, you may need to enable to the second DVI conection in the video control panel. It generally works better to set the DVI connection to your HDTV as a separate display rather than extending your desktop.
2) If you are sure that there is a video signal going to your HDTV, the second step is to verify the video card is set to the proper screen resolution for the HDTV. In some cases, this may require turning on some advanced settings. If the HDTV is a 720p model, it will typically either need a resolution of 1368×768 or 1280×720. This varies from brand to brand. If the HDTV is 1080p, typically the DVI in will always be 1920×1080.
3) The third possibility is your computer may require a reboot before the HDTV will see it. When the resolution of your video card gets changed, a reboot is sometimes necessary before the HDTV will recognize the new resolution being sent over the DVI cable.