How to burn iTunes Movies to DVD

Marty writes, “I just installed a Sony DVD/CD re-writable drive with Nero 7 essential software. I downloaded a movie from iTunes and I can’t get the software to burn it to disc. I would appreciate any help.”
Any iTunes movies or tv show episodes purchased from the iTunes store will fail to burn to DVD. This isn’t a flaw in your Nero DVD burning software, it’s a limitation of the video downloads. Apple’s copy protection on each of the files prevents making DVDs that would be usable in a set top DVD player.

There are two ways to work around this limitation if you want to easily watch your iTunes movies on your television. Both involve spending some money. If you have an iPod, the easiest option is to buy a cable that connects your iPod to your TV. If you don’t have an iPod, or if you want to be able to watch your movies in more places, you’ll need to download SoundTaxi Professional + Video Rip.
SoundTaxi basically records the video as it plays, creating a new version of the file in another format. This new file can then be played outside of iTunes. SoundTaxi includes built-in DVD burning, so you can burn direct to DVD when the software finishes “ripping” the video file. Download SoundTaxi to convert your iTunes movies to DVD.
convert iTunes movies to DVD