Comparison of Lifelock, TrustedID, and other Identity Protection Services

In going through the process of evaluating several of the various Identity Protection services I found it to be an incredibly confusing see of marketing materials. At the end of the day, all I really want to know is who will provide me the best coverage at a reasonable price. You are probably in the same boat. This stuff is confusing. As part of my comparison process I’m looking at Lifelock, TrustedID, ID Watchdog, IdentityTruth, and IdentityGuard. There are additional services, but these seem to be the best of the bunch. Check out my comparison checklist to see how these 5 companies compare.

From my assessment, it seems like TrustedID offers the best vaule with their annual family plan, which includes you, your spouse, your kids, adult parents living with you, and any other relative living under your roof.
ID Watchdog seems to be the most expensive of the offerings, but I can’t really figure out what makes them worth the money. Of the things I think I should be interested in having, ID Watchdog has fewer of the bases covered.
IdentityTruth and Lifelock both seem to be very similar in service to TrustedID at a slightly higher price.
Identity Guard comes in a few cents cheaper than ID Watchdog, but is a little irritating in their offering a “free ID Vault” aka a USB key with encryption for a mere $7.99 shipping and handling.
I haven’t made a purchase as of this writing, but I’m leaning strongly toward TrustedID.

Note: I have attempted to compile this information as accurately as possible. This is a working document and I’d be happy to make corrections if there are inaccuracies or if data changes in the future.