Burn Windows Media Center Files to DVD

“What is the format used by Windows Media Center recorded TV? The program is saved in the all users TV recorded folder & plays back OK on the Dell computer. I’m having problems converting to a compatible format such as AVI or WMV using the AVS 6.0. Mainly a lot of pixilating when playing the DVD on our Nakamichi DVD-15 1995 vintage player. I convert using To DVD & Profile NTSC High Quality. I burn using ImgBurn or Roxio.”
The format Windows Media Center uses for recording is DVR-MS, which is MPEG-2 video in a Microsoft proprietary file wrapper. If you have Media Center 2005 or newer, the easiest way to burn it to DVD (without all the extra conversion steps you cite), is to use the built-in DVD burning tool. For older versions of Windows Media Center, the best solution is MyDVD, which is bundled as part of most newer versions of Roxio Creator.

Burning Windows Media Center Recorded TV to DVD
burn windows media center tv to dvd Starting with Windows Media Center 2005, Microsoft includes DVD burning functionality right in the application. Go to your Recorded TV folder and bring up the right-click menu. You should see a Burn option like the one pictured to the left here.
burn windows media center video dvd Next you choose whether to burn a Data DVD or a Video DVD. If you want a disk that will play in your set top DVD player you need to choose Video DVD. Data DVD is an option only used for backing up or for playing files on another PC.
Name the disk on the next screen and you’re ready to burn a DVD you can watch almost anywhere.
burn windows media center name dvd